Month: October 2023

Capilia Rapid Antigen

Catalog No Product Name Package Extraction Buffer Swab CAFL0571 Capilia Flu Neo 10T/Box Yes Yes CAMP1571 Capilia Mycoplasma 10T/Box Yes Yes CAAD0370 Capilia Adeno Neo 20T/Box Yes No CARS0970 Capilia RSV Neo 20T/Box Yes No CAHM1670 Capilia hMPV 20T/Box Yes No CAST1170 Capilia StrepA 20T/Box Yes No CAAD0371 Capilia Adeno Neo Test Plate 10T/Box No No CARS0971 Capilia RSV Neo Test Plate 10T/Box No No CAHM1671 Capilia hMPV Test Plate 10T/Box No No CATB0870 Capilia TB-Neo 100T/Box No No CATB0871 Capilia TB-Neo 10T/Box No No CATB0877 Capilia TB-Neo Extraction Buffer 20mL/Bottle Yes No CAMC8170 Capilia MAC Ab Elisa 96T/Box No…
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