Antifouling (Bio)materials for Electrochemical (Bio)sensing.

(Bio)fouling processes arising from nonspecific adsorption of biological supplies (primarily proteins but additionally cells and oligonucleotides), response merchandise of neurotransmitters oxidation, and precipitation/polymerization of phenolic compounds, have detrimental results on dependable electrochemical (bio)sensing of related analytes and markers both immediately or after extended incubation in rich-proteins samples or at excessive pH values. Due to this fact, … Read more

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Assessment of bacterial viability: a comprehensive review on recent advances and challenges.

Assessing bacterial contamination in environmental samples is important in figuring out threats to public well being. The classical strategies are time-consuming and solely acknowledge species that develop simply on tradition media. Viable however non-culturable (VBNC) micro organism are a potential risk which will resuscitate and trigger infections. Latest dye-based screening methods make use of nucleic … Read more

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A thermosensitive electromechanical model for detecting biological particles.

Miniature electromechanical techniques type a category of bioMEMS that may present applicable sensitivity. On this analysis, a thermo-electro-mechanical mannequin is offered to detect organic particles within the microscale. Identification within the mannequin is predicated on analyzing pull-in instability parameters and frequency shifts. Right here, governing equations are derived by way of the prolonged Hamilton’s precept. The coupled … Read more

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A CMOS MEMS-based Membrane-Bridge Nanomechanical Sensor for Small Molecule Detection.

Small molecule compounds are essential to detect with excessive sensitivity since they could trigger a robust impact on the human physique even in small concentrations. However current strategies used to guage small molecules in blood are inconvenient, pricey, time-consuming, and don’t enable for transportable utilization. In response to those shortcomings, we introduce a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor … Read more

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Tool for new kinetics-based diagnostics of autoimmune diseases

A multiplex label-free biosensor is developed for diagnostics of autoimmune diseases by highly sensitive measuring in human serum both critical characteristics of autoantibody: concentration and native kinetic parameters that reflect autoantibody aggressiveness to the organism’s tissues. The biosensor is based on the spectral-correlation interferometry and image processing of a microarray glass biochip, affordable to be … Read more

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Diffusion MR: A New Diagnostic Tool for Elastofibroma Dorsi

Elastofibroma dorsi is a benign lesion commonly presents as a palpable enlarging mass at the inferior pole of the scapula. Clinical presentation and radiological characteristics are often enough to suggest an accurate diagnosis. Increased awareness of the characteristic appearance and location of these benign lesions will increase radiologic diagnosis and decrease the need for biopsy. … Read more

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